We are a small team of humans around Europe, helped by robots around the world.

The data you publish on the internet is not always yours, we are helping you to take it back.
How? By using services provided by other small or medium companies, that we combine and offer to our clients in a friendly manner.

p.s. we're looking for a collaborator.



Website and email hosting

Reliable, hands-off web hosting on VPS servers around the globe and professional email accounts. We handle everything relating to the server and the modules, starting with the initial setup or migration, to going live.
All you need to do is show your homepage to the team: internal web app, or customers: public website.
Check out the maintenance services


Web development and audit

  • - Development for super fast websites (like this one)
  • - Website performance and speed checks
  • - Domain management (DNS zone ↗: checking, adding, removing DNS entries; GSC ↗)
  • - Development for WordPress and custom built PHP web apps
  • - Scripts for data transfer as JSON/XML/CSV files for web directories like glami.ro ↗, price.ro, emag.ro, olx.ro, or other use cases

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